Monday, October 03, 2011

Part 2 - The Fallen Angel

This is a continuation of Part 1 - The Archangel

The Lord saw all this, and perhaps more and was thoroughly grieved.
He called His eldest son, Michael, and asked for Heaven to be relieved.
“Your little brother has let his heart burn with ambition’s dark fire.
For now the praise of heaven’s glory is Lucifer’s desire.”


“My dear brother,” Michael said, “why do you of all rebel?
Our Father loved you, enough and more, all of Heaven could tell.”
Lucifer replied, “He loved us once, but that was once before.
Our Father has now lost His mind, He now loves Man more.”

“What right have you to question God?” Michael thundered at him.
“Forget the mad man,” said Lucifer, “and join me like all of them.”
“Brother, you do know the consequence for all who disobey.”
Yet Lucifer smiled and simply said, “It needn’t be that way.”

Michael drew his sword and struck him down, out of Heaven’s gates.
And all the Angels who joined Lucifer faced such miserable fates.
The Archangel, now fallen, was now a mere Serpent upon the earth.
Yet this four-limbed snake, conspired to bring Man’s world down to dirt.

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