Monday, October 03, 2011

Part 3 - The Serpent

This is a continuation of Part 2 - The Fallen Angel

From the ribs of Man (Adam) the Lord then made Eve.
For them alone Eden, a paradise, the Creator began to weave.
He said, “I make you the rulers of the land, all that you see is yours.
But that tree alone is forbidden for you; it bears the fruits of remorse.”

The Lord left them to be and enjoy each and every generous gift.
The Serpent who waited for this moment, unleashed his scheme so swift.
He approached Eve, for what better way could he manipulate the Man?
And he convinced her to steal the only fruit upon which there was a ban.

“But it is forbidden, the Lord has warned; how could I touch that tree?”
“Oh, but the lord fears that if man eats this fruit, he will become like He.”
Thus the Serpent poisoned her mind, and she thus stole the fruit.
She gave it to Adam, who hesitated not to consume its Knowledge and Truth.

Suddenly the Man realised, “We are exposed, Eve, my dear.”
They hid themselves behind leaves and trees, in shame and in fear.
Yet when the Lord returned they could not hide, for everything He knew.
Despite all His grace, the wicked Serpent had done that entire he could do.

“I gave you everything,” God thundered, “What could a Serpent give you?
I gave you all freedom, yet you chose to do what I forbid to do.”
“Forgive us father, we have sinned.” The two of them did plead.
“I made you in my own image to become more was there a need?”

The Master who had been kind and benevolent before,
Now cast Adam and Eve out of Eden forever more.
The earth, which had till now belonged to the Lord so kind,
Fell into the hands of the limbless Serpent, who poisoned each mind.

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