Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Part 5 - The Tempter

This is a continuation of Part 4 - The Negotiation 

The world was created with the word of God, the word now became flesh,
To buy our pardon with his own blood and start the world afresh.
They called him Jesus of Nazareth and he preached forgiveness and love.
He cure the sick, fed the hungry, and spoke of his Father above.

Once when he was at fast, in the middle of the desert’s heat
(for forty days and forty nights without bread or meat),
The Devil came to him, and from the Gospel he read
“Could you not command these desert stones to turn into bread?
Ask in prayer and you shall receive, isn’t that what we’ve heard?”
And Jesus replied, “I live not on bread alone, but only on God’s Word.”

Satan took him to the Holy City, “You say you’re God’s son. If that is true,
then throw yourself off this temple’s peak. Surely the Angels will save you.”
But Jesus simply replied, “I will not put the Lord my God to test.”
The Devil was surprised, but didn’t give up; he was yet to do his best.

He took Jesus to the top of the world and said, “You see all these splendours?
Bow down to me and worship me, and I’ll let all the world be yours!”
“Be gone, Satan!” Jesus said, “I bow down only to the Lord, who is true.”
The Devil left the one he could not corrupt, no matter what he’d say or do.

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To be continued... Beelzebub Part6 - The Traitor

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