Sunday, April 20, 2014

Part 7 – The Crown of Thorns

This is a continuation of Part 6 - The Traitor

A crown of thorns the King of Kings now adorned,
Chastised by whips; the very sight was mourned.
Up the hill did He carry His heavy cross.
He suffered not in vain, but for His noble cause.
Laid upon the cross the Christ was impaled!
His hands and feet were so brutally nailed.

The onlookers wept, and His blood did gush,
From His wounds, and our sins did it wash.
“Father, forgive them!” Our Savior cried.
And thus having bought our freedom... He died.

After note:

Three days from then He arose from the grave.
And He has promised to return; His dear ones He shall save.
An epic battle between good and evil shall be fought,
Where the just shall triumph and the wicked be left to rot.

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