Monday, January 20, 2014


Oh King of Dancers, who's art doth charm,
May thy music forever play on!
For thy mystic dance steers away all harm,
and guides lost souls from dusk to dawn!

Upon mount Kailash is thy abode;
where thou doth meditate in peace.
To Him alone I dedicate this ode,
who's grace puts all souls at ease.

Oh God of Gods, I surrender to thou!
Help me embrace my karma today!
Let dharma be my unbroken vow;
and sins thy Third Eye burn away!

The Blessed Ash covers thy skin,
like the shadow which covers the night!
Conquerer of Death! Fill my soul within,
and guide me with thy blessed light!

Om namah shivaya!

- Darpan

  1. Nataraja (King of Dancers), Mahadev (Great God or God or Gods), Mrityunjaya (Conqueror of Death) are various names of Lord Shiva.
  2.  Karma = purpose, action
  3. Dharma = justice, duty
  4. For those who lack awareness about Indian Mythology,  Shiva loves to dance, meditate, and cover himself with funeral ash. He resides at the top of Mount Kailash and posses a third eye on his forehead, which if opened could destroy ... not necessarily the human being, but the ego. Hence Shiva is not merely a destroyer, as most ignorant people assume. He is a destroyer of the arrogance/ego within us, and this helps remove one's sufferings.

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Every Norse Crisis!

A thousand giants storm the Eiser residence!
How did they get past Heimdal's vigilance?
Could the Alfather not plainly see?
Why don't we all just blame Loke!

'Though drunk with mead and wine,
Asgard fights the scum of Jotunheim.
Ragnarok has set old Fenrir free!
What can we do but blame Loke?

The Norn have already sung this song,
and wise Odin has known all along.
Nine realms tremble upon the Ash Tree!
So now we all must blame Loke!

It's Loke's fault! Tie him to a rock!
And let him suffer till Ragnarok!!!

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