Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Part 4 - The Negotiation

This is a continuation of Part 3 - The Serpent

Earth would have been paradise...Alas! To keep God’s only word Man failed.
Thus for thousands of years and thousands more, evil on earth prevailed.
While the righteous hid from persecution, the sinful earth did rot.
But though Man had forgotten his Creator’s love, the Creator never forgot.

“Oh Lucifer, why did you of all choose a path so unwise?
Your desire for praise and wicked ways expelled you from Paradise.”

“I shall return this earth to you,” the sly Devil said. “if you give me your Son.”
“Amen!” The Lord said and with that the deal was done.
The Devil expected this not, but with this he was content.
To avenge the day the first Man was born was his malicious intent.

Thus God sent His own Son, who was born to the Virgin Mary.
Only he and the Lord knew the burden he would someday carry.

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