Thursday, April 10, 2014

Part 6 – The Traitor

This is a continuation of Part 5 - The Tempter

The apostles snoozed as the Messiah prayed,
Deep into the forest, where destiny swayed.
Dear Judas arrived, greeting the Savior with a kiss.
Thus was the signal the soldiers couldn't miss.

Was humanity put to it’s ultimate test? 
Or was the Christ truly under arrest?
Each apostle awoke and drew his angry sword.
But Jesus protested, “I embrace the will of the Lord!”

“Twelve Legions of Angels would save me,
If only I would now rather have it be.
But wield not now your lethal blades,
For they are truly instruments of Hades.”

Thus was the Son of God forcefully taken,
And thrice by dear Peter was He forsaken.
Prosecutor beat the Christ black and blue,
Until all that was left were bones and sinew.

“Oh, what have I done?” Judas Iscariot said.
“Because of me, innocent blood has been shed.”
The bribe of 30 silver back at the Council he swung.
Overwhelmed by guilt and shame, from a tree he hung.

1) This is a continuation of a series called 'Beelzebub' which I left unfinished 2 years ago.
2) To be continued - Beelzebub Part 7 - The Crown of Thorns
3) Images used in this post do not belong to me.

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