Friday, November 04, 2011

The Charioteer’s Son

Note: For those who do not know/understand the story of the Mahabharath, please refer to my narration.

You often said, “He’s merely a charioteer’s son, so what right has he?”
Despite all his merits and capacity, is this all you could see?
Oh Son of Pandu, if only you knew who this soul was deep within...
A friend so loyal, a man more generous than you could have ever been.

A charioteer’s son: now you tell me what’s wrong with that?
Didn’t Lord Krishna drive yours, as a matter of fact?
It is indeed a pity that a good soul like his was taken to their side.
You hurt his ego, while Duryodan welcomed him with arms open wide.

“My dear Duryodan,” Karna said, “I care not where dharma lies.
I shall be with you and fight for you, for me that alone shall suffice.
For you are my true friend, family and everything to me,
And for all this, grateful to you and Hastinapur, I shall forever be.”

If his chariot’s wheel had not broken off, you may not have won.
Even Death did come to collect the virtues of all the deeds he had done.
“Karna,” Death begged, “Now only your charity prevents you from dying.”
“Here... take my virtues... even as I receive.” He said as he lay there lying.

Oh Son of Pandu, why couldn’t you see that he was as skilled as you?
Beyond his foul company and your prejudice, ask Kunti that which is true.
It is such a pity when in the battle for dharma, one brother must slay another.
What all five of you failed to see is that he was the first son of your mother.

1) Images used on this post do not belong to me.
2) This poem is based on the story of Karna, a character of the Mahabharath.
3) In Sanskrit/Hinduism:

Dharma = justice/duty

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